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Welcome to my weekly Monday Motivation podcasts - NO MORE EXCUSES!! Each week I will have a new topic to discuss. I call it "Monday Motivation with an edge!" 

Listen in and learn ways to STOP with the excuses and live life to its fullest! If you're ready to GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something your future self with thank you for... then these podcasts are FOR YOU!

I also ask for, and appreciate, feedback and input! So, listen carefully for the question of the week and yes, special offers to help you Achieve Your Success!


Mar 12, 2018



They are truly meant to happen! 

March Madness is REALLY kicking in here now. And as each College team has finished their tournaments, I'm sure they are all spent time reflecting on the mistakes they made as they were awaiting the results of "Selection Sunday"!

Even if you're outside of the U.S. or not a college basketball fan, I'm sure you understand the ENERGY and PASSION, the DEDICATION and COMMITMENT that is needed to achieve success!!

With life being a "team sport", we depend daily on others talents and experience. It may not be actual staff, but it could be someone helping connect you by making an introduction; it could be the Post Office or other delivery service; or even technology! No matter what it is, we NEED others and at some point, any person or thing can mess up. When mistakes happen to you, what do you do? How do you learn from it? 

Or do you stop, quit, give up? Last week I asked if you had the PASSION that's needed to make it through. Well... do you? And if so, the COMMITMENT as well? Ok, good. NOW, when you make a mistake, how will recover and make sure it doesn't happen again?

This week, listen in and then email me or post here an example of a time when you made a MISTAKE, when there's been a shit-storm in your world, and what did you learn?!

And as always, if you need help learning from your mistakes, let's schedule a time to talk! First 30-min call is ON ME! 

Have a great week! Make lots of mistakes so you can GROW!