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Welcome to my weekly Monday Motivation podcasts - NO MORE EXCUSES!! Each week I will have a new topic to discuss. I call it "Monday Motivation with an edge!" 

Listen in and learn ways to STOP with the excuses and live life to its fullest! If you're ready to GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something your future self with thank you for... then these podcasts are FOR YOU!

I also ask for, and appreciate, feedback and input! So, listen carefully for the question of the week and yes, special offers to help you Achieve Your Success!


Jul 22, 2019


Welcome back to the weekly podcast No More Excuses! That you for listening and sharing the podcast and connecting with me on all the social media platforms! [Don't forget to message me if you're a listener so I can follow you back!]

So what's been going on? Have you taken the time o pay attention to how your reputation precedes you? How your ripple effect affects others? And your work? In last week's podcast I asked you to think about a time when shit went sideways - your monkeys flew out the door - and how did you recover from it? Or are you putting negative ripples out to the universe and just blaming vs. accepting.

Everyone has a story, and it's just that... a STORY! An excuse. Perhaps blame. No... probably BLAME! A deflection so that people don't see what's really going on, and, you don't have to face it either!

Have you ever noticed when you're disappointed or upset with yourself how you talk to yourself? And you probably won't even look at yourself in the mirror! Think about it!

I do it! Especially when I run! [Although right after I wrote and recorded this, I went for a run. I took my own advice and had a peaceful, GREAT run!] Interesting isn't it? I shifted my mindset. But many times if my run isn't going so well, I have one of two conversations with myself - "that's ok... you're still going and you'll get there!" – OR – I can't believe you stopped! What's wrong with you? Are you going to quit everything?!" Yes, I am awful to myself some times! What about you?

Well, we have to remember who is REALLY to BLAME. Yes... YOU. ME - ourselves. No one else. Yes, SHIT can happen, your kids, environment, life can cause you to get off-track, but be honest with yourself.

Listen in this week as I talk about the TWO THINGS we have to learn to do to help ourselves change our mindset and stop putting our negative ripples. And... more importantly, stop BLAMING others! 

Listen in and then email me - let me help you to DIG DEEPER to PLAY BIGGER! Don't think YOU are the problem? Email me your story, and I can help you see the real issue - fear, time management, perfectionism, unhealthy boundaries. It's no one else, but YOU!

This week I CHALLENGE you to look in the mirror and see who's really looking back! 

Have a very eye-opening week!