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Welcome to my weekly Monday Motivation podcasts - NO MORE EXCUSES!! Each week I will have a new topic to discuss. I call it "Monday Motivation with an edge!" 

Listen in and learn ways to STOP with the excuses and live life to its fullest! If you're ready to GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something your future self with thank you for... then these podcasts are FOR YOU!

I also ask for, and appreciate, feedback and input! So, listen carefully for the question of the week and yes, special offers to help you Achieve Your Success!


Feb 22, 2021


Welcome back to the weekly podcast, No More Excuses.

Thank you for listening and sharing the podcasts and connecting with me on social media.

Yes, we’re two months into 2021, two-thirds of the way through the first quarter. What have you been working on? What have you accomplished? What haven’t you made progress on? What’s getting in the way – which means… what are you ALLOWING? AVOIDING? Or more like RESISTING?


In the last few podcasts, I have talked about avoiding, as well as have been about doing what you LOVE and having FUN! And if that’s the case, then you should be at least making progress, and most definitely shouldn’t be avoiding or resisting things… right? Well, not always!

It’s been interesting as I’ve had some conversations with clients recently – both male and female about all of this and why they were having challenges committing to some things they “said” they were going to do.

Interestingly enough, both told me stories from their childhood that has stuck with them that now is attached to certain words, and those words are what they need to do to help them.

What words do you ask? You'll have to listen in to find out! Plus, I talk about what one client remembered she has done in the past, and what we are working on the help them eliminate the resistance so they can move forward!

If you're not making progress, and resisting something, you need to dig deeper into identifying WHY. Because if you aren't willing to understand why and overcome things, you're holding yourself back from REALIZING your BADASSNESS!

And my whole existence is to help YOU realize your BADASSNESS, so you can Do more. BE More. So you can ACHIEVE MORE!

Have a great week, and please contact me NOW if you don't understand why you haven't made progress, or don't know how to overcome the resistance you have towards something!