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Welcome to my weekly Monday Motivation podcasts - NO MORE EXCUSES!! Each week I will have a new topic to discuss. I call it "Monday Motivation with an edge!" 

Listen in and learn ways to STOP with the excuses and live life to its fullest! If you're ready to GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something your future self with thank you for... then these podcasts are FOR YOU!

I also ask for, and appreciate, feedback and input! So, listen carefully for the question of the week and yes, special offers to help you Achieve Your Success!


Jul 31, 2017

Welcome back to Monday Motivation's podcast: NO MORE EXCUSES!

Yep, last week snapped me out of my "soft" phase! 2017 is over half over, what are you going to do about it? Lay down and take what you can get or will you make adjustments, start, restart, and/or STOP some habits to make SHIT HAPPEN?! 

As I asked last week:

Jul 24, 2017

Happy Monday Motivation! Welcome back to the podcast NO More Excuses! 

Thank you for continuing to come back week after week and for sharing my podcasts with others! It's exciting to have you listen in and to take strides to grow both personally and professionally! 

Last week! WOW! Such a weird week. It started with a...

Jul 17, 2017

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the Monday Motivation Podcast: NO MORE FRIGGN EXCUSES! Yep, it's gonna be like that! You IN or Out? Only you can decide! Wow, I should have said THAT in my opening of my podcast!

The last few podcasts have been about checking progress, making adjustments and this week in the podcast I talked...

Jul 10, 2017

Happy Monday Motivation!

Welcome back and THANK YOU for coming back, or for being here for the 1st time and then next week you'll be back for more! NO MORE EXCUSES, that is! LOL!

Alright so last week you realized how awareness creates growth. I heard from a few people, and discuss it in this week's podcast about their...

Jul 3, 2017

Happy Monday Motivation! Welcome back and THANK YOU for listening, sharing the podcast link and continuing to help yourself grow!

Where are you? Not in your life... physically? The podcast downloads have grown, but I don't know where you are! I'd like to hear, so please post in the comments section or email me and let...